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Life in the Channel: GNR's Will Waters

Jonathan Easton
Life in the Channel: GNR's Will Waters

GNR’s mild-mannered account manager may be a whizz at the books by day, but he also leads a secret double-life as an international sports star


What is your role at GNR and how long have you been in the job?

At GNR I am part of the Account Management team and I look after our strategic accounts. These are a varied mix often with demanding requirements. I was part of the founding team at GNR Tech when it first set up, prior to working with GNR I held account management positions with Entatech UK and Volkswagen UK.



What does an average day look like to you?

From another person’s perspective it may look like most other desk jobs but that is far from it. Every day brings new challenges and another offer to share with my clients. Most days start by working on a plan of action and collaborating offers before hitting the phones to spread the word of the great business GNR has on offer that day. As well as generating lots of business through outbound calls and emails, there is plenty of quotes to put together for regular customers, and orders to process off the back of that which come flooding in throughout the day. The fast paced sales environment means that there is not a lot of time free in the day.


How long have you been working in the Channel and what is the best thing about it?

I joined the Channel after a career in the motor trade with VW but coming from a sales background means that it didn’t take long to get stuck in. The competitive nature of sales also appeals to me due to my sporting hobbies as well. I would say the best thing about the job is the people that I get to deal with. It feels really good to get a big order every now and again too!


Do you remember any role models or people who helped you out in particular when you were getting started in your career?

Since I have been working in this industry, I have been lucky enough to be part of a team that was always willing to help. I work in Craig Pearce’s team and his knowledge and drive is always appreciated – he always pushes us to improve.


What is your funniest office Christmas party memory?

The funniest Christmas party memory I have was when I first got into sales for a ski holiday operator. They had hired out a bar and some slalom ski machines to keep us entertained. After a few too many group shots off of a wooden ski, I was challenged to a race by one of my colleagues. However she  was unable to complete it, due to her completely losing her balance on the skis before she was subsequently flung from the machine into a heap on the floor. Not only did she make an impression on the floor but also on me as I ended up marrying her a few years later.


We’ve been told that you are a keen Tchoukball player. What exactly is it?

Tchoukball is one of the fastest handball sports in the world. This fast-paced sport is now approaching 50 years since it was first played and has origins that can be traced back to a Swiss doctor. It is still growing in popularity in the UK for more information on the sport you can visit the official UK site via


How can people best contact you?

Via email,, or on 0333 101 1000. 

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