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Cloud & Infrastructure Summit 2017

Cloud & Infrastructure Summit 2017

20th Sep 2017

Location: London
Venue: Hilton Tower Bridge

Cloud computing is not just changing how people listen to music, rent movies, and share photos. It's also transforming how businesses operate and has helped many enterprises transform themselves over the last five years. Several enterprises moved to the cloud in a bid to gain advantage over their competitors. However, it has now become necessary to use cloud computing services and why not? The sheer flexibility, scalability and cost-friendly nature of cloud computing technology has started to attract consumers from a wide range of industries Studies have shown that businesses taking advantage of productivity-enhancing cloud services grow faster than their counterparts that don't. But although cloud is an established concept, certain challenges still remain. The question is how do you overcome them.

Highlights include:

• Why, when and how to adopt hybrid cloud?

• How can we be agnostic about multi cloud offerings?

• How to ensure you remain compliant with the GDPR when in the cloud

• What are the challenges when navigating security in the cloud

• How to implement a cloud based disaster recovery

• The trials and tribulations of migration to a cloud ready software

• What is the future of cloud and infrastructure?


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